InfinityBox_install_CM2MT2_v2.00 Setup File Download

Whats New On InfinityBox install CM2MT2 v2.00 ? 

Support New Cpu

MTK 6570 CPU,
MTK 6750 CPU,
MTK 6755 CPU,
MTK 6757 CPU,
MTK 6797 CPU,
MTK 6763 CPU,
MTK 6758 CPU,
MTK 6739 CPU 

* with NAND memory
* with eMMC memory
* Read Info – Complete device info, Security info
* Read Firmware – Factory Scatter format [ NAND supported – WorldFirst and unique! ]
* Write Firmware – Factory Scatter Format [ NAND supported – WorldFirst and unique! ]
* Read NVRAM
* Write NVRAM
* Repair Security
* Formay FS – FRP, Settings, Privacy ( and mixed/special mode )
* MemoryTool

***Main ***
* New look and design. All simplified and optimized much, as possible. [ please refer to v2 interface introduction ]
* New core. All code made from scratch.
* New boot chain selection mode – automatic ( via defined user combination ) or manual.
* New connection
* Complete error handling and explanation
* Internal EMIDB cover 99% of existing memory devices on both – NAND and eMMC devices
* Easy end user customization for adding support for new device and e.t.c.

*** Flasher

* Completely new flasher design, which allow customize whole flashing process [ please refer to v2 interface introduction ]
*** FW Reader ***
* Completely new core, which allow handle all existing types and flash devices.
*** Service***
* Security repair NOT require reboot to meta, not required CDC drivers or whatever else. All direct.
* Format FS include different mode, optimized for different secure devices type ( with FORMAT, WRITE protection )
* During NVRAM read/write SW also verify it condition and data
*** MEMORY TOOL activated!
Easy, fast and ultimate solution now come in MTK too!
* Support eMMC and NAND flash IC`secure,
* Allow READ, WRITE, ERASE partitions,
* Show partitions states and info only for eMMC devices,
* Allow RE-init PMT ( from scatter )

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