OPPO A3S CPH1853 EMMC DUMP FILE 100% Tested by Mr Solution

OPPO A3S CPH1853 EMMC DUMP FILE 100% Tested 

Download OPPO A3S CPH1853 UFI / Jtag Dump File Download

Oppo A3sDead After flash Solution

Oppo A3s Dead Recovery file

Oppo A3s Dead boot repair Dump File

Oppo A3s CPH 1853 Ufi Dump  file

Oppo A3s  Dead Boot Repair File

Oppo A3s Jtag Repair File

Connection status: XHCI:HUB3:USB 2.0 High-Speed
Interface: UFI High-Speed
Serial number: 0011-8840-3233
 Boot version: 1.04, FW version: 1.10 (Mar 26 2017 14:24:34)
Insertion test... CLK, CMD, DAT0 not properly connected
Init bus...
VCC: 3.3 V, VCCQ: 3.0 V
Bus: 8 bit (HS SDR 52MHz)
Access mode: sector mode
Power supply: dual-voltage (1.70-1.95V, 2.7-3.6V)
 Card/BGA: BGA (Discrete embedded) - High density MMC
 Manufacturer ID: 0x15 (Samsung)
 Product name: QE63MB (0x514536334d42), rev: 0x04, serial number: 0xE429E469
 Manufacturing date: Feb 2019
CID: 15010051 4536334D 4204E429 E46926CE
CSD: D0270132 0F5903FF F6DBFFEF 8E40400C
EXT_CSD revision: 1.8 (MMC v5.1) 
Partition info:
 Boot1: 4096 KiB
 Boot2: 4096 KiB
 RPMB: 4096 KiB
 User area: 14.56 GiB(15,634,268,160 bytes)
Cache size: 64 MiB
Hardware reset function: 1
Partition configuration: 0x38
 No boot acknowledge is sent (default)
 User area is enabled for boot
Partitioning support: 0x07
 Device support partitioning feature
 Device can have enhanced technological features
 Device partitioning possible
Boot configuration protection: 0x00
Boot bus conditions: 0x00
Boot area write protection: 0x00
 Power-on write protection: possible
 Permanent write protection: possible
 Lock status: not locked

ANDROID System Info:
 platform: msm8953, cpu abi: arm64-v8a
 manufacturer: OPPO
 board: msm8953, name: PBBM00
 brand: OPPO, model: PBBM00(R11s)
 build id: OPM1.171019.026, version: 8.1.0 Oreo (PBBM00EX_11_A.20)
 build description: S88051AA1-user 8.1.0 OPM1.171019.026 eng.root.20190105.224843 release-keys

Internal storage: 9.13 GiB
crypto state: unencrypted
Custom moviNAND command is not supported for this device(MMC51).
Selected: [SAMSUNG] KMQE60013M-B318/16GB+LPDDR3 16Gb   (BGA221)


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